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Code of the day

Why the hell do I have to hit various obscure pieces of code today? Current winner is part of system-config-printer:

def monitor_session (*args):

    bus = dbus.SessionBus()
    bus.add_signal_receiver (monitor_session)
    print >> sys.stderr, "%s: failed to connect to session D-Bus" % \
    sys.exit (1)

If you don't know D-Bus or Python: It listens to all signals on session bus and does nothing with them. All this code causes is eating up memory and CPU cycles when there is some higher load on session bus.

PS: Maybe I miss some nice idea behind this code, please enlighten me.

No DebConf this year for me

Okay, I will again miss DebConf. This time it is not because of time, but because of money. The flight to Buenos Aires is far too expensive to go there just for DebConf and I didn't manage to plan some more travelling around South America...

Hopefully it will get better next year, at least DebConf will be much closer :-).

PS: Just after deadline for confirmation and my decision for not going there, I got an email that my sponsorship for travel was approved. Unfortunately too late to change my decision.

Time for change, time for DebConf?

Okay I did thing I considered already for several months - I decided to quit my current job at SYSGO, make one month holidays in summer and find some new job meanwhile. So I'm looking forward to free August, which I will probably spend travelling somewhere :-).

This brought up again question whether to go or not to go to this year DebConf. The only problem with this is distance - flight to Buenos Aires will be something around 2000 USD and it means lot of money for me. I applied for sponsorship for half of the price (well I'm not sure if I can really pay the other half, but I would feel really bad for asking that much money) and let's see how it turns out. On the other side, I'd love to visit Argentina, but that would probably require much more time and money. Let's see how it all turns out, there is still time to decision...

PS: If you have some interesting job offer, just contact me at michal@cihar.com.

My cycle computer got crazy

After today short ride, I just wanted to look at how fast I was (well rather slow as my body is slowly getting used to usual travel distances). There was nothing surprising in most values, but maximal speed did really impress me:

171 km/h on bicycle

I just hope that it is really mistake of the computer and I did not really go that fast at some point ;-).

Most interesting things on my blog

It sometimes funny to review web server stats to see what people are looking for in my blog. I usually expect something like my name and projects I participate on. But there are some surprises:

  1. cihar
  2. gammu
  3. dosbox games
  4. pissing
  5. mpd sonata
  6. wammu
  7. phpmyadmin
  8. project names
  9. sound juicer mp3
  10. phpmyadmin themes

For most of them I'm in first page in Google results, even though I have no idea why are my posts ranked so high even for such generic things as "product names", but I don't care. What surprises me most is "pissing". I guess I know what are people looking for when they enter this word to Google ;-). But according to Google webmaster tools, I'm somewhere near 110th position. Why the hell does somebody look so deep in results? And why does he go to one line blog post? I really don't understand this. Maybe I should focus on this word and bring my post to first page of Google results ;-).

Changing SSH keys on SF.net

Yes Erik, SourceForge did not do anything. But what is even more "funny" is that changing keys over web interface does not change ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. So even if you are aware of this problem and change keys in interface which should do it, it does not work. I just realized this today when I read your post and wanted to check whether this file is really world readable...

Everything bad is good for something

After recent not so funny thing with OpenSSL in Debian, I realized that I will have to regenerate most of keys and certificates, because last big changes I did in networking/vpn/ssh setup which involved generating keys are not older than broken OpenSSL appeared in archives.

First obvious thing was SSH keys and cleanup of ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on all hosts. While doing that, I realized that I still have there several keys, which are more or less gone (not that I'd lost them, but I simply stopped to use them). So it was good opportunity to do cleanup here. While I was at these changes, cleaning up ~/.ssh/known_hosts was also good idea, because I still had there lot of hosts I collected during some of my previous jobs and I definitely won't (and can not) access these machines anymore. So good, big cleanup in SSH configuration was forced :-).

Next and harder step was to found out where else I use certificates generated by vulnerable OpenSSL. Server certificates for sure were also generated by OpenSSL, so let's regenerate web and email certificates and hope I did not miss anything.

All this happened yesterday, but today I realized that I missed other even more important thing - OpenVPN certificates. While regenerating certificates, I also found some machine keys which are not really used anymore, so I again could drop some of them. So that was task for this evening and now I'm hopefully really done with this issue and I really hope that this won't happen again in near future, I don't need to cleanup that often ;-).

Wammu 0.27

I just released version 0.27 of Wammu. This release fixes various problems found by users. Full list of changes:

  • Do not fail if phone does not support call notifications.
  • Improved handling of empty config file.
  • Lot of translation updates.
  • Fix compatibility with some IMAP servers.

This release also comes with binary for Windows with embedded Gammu 1.20.0.

python-gammu 0.26

New version of python-gammu has been just released. It improves compatibility with Python 2.5 and brings compatibility with Gammu 1.20.0. Full list of changes:

  • Compatibility with current gammu.
  • Improved compatibility with Python 2.5.

Download from usual place: http://cihar.com/gammu/python/

Gammu stable version 1.20.0

Good news everyone, new stable Gammu release is out. Since 1.19.91 it brings only few small fixes in OBEX and EMS, but there is quite big list of changes compared to 1.19.0:

  • Do not crash on EMS messages with no text (bug #612).
  • Fixed reading of OBEX files (bug #614).
  • Fixed decoding of Nokia messages (bug #527).
  • Fix handling of UTF8 charset with some Motorola phones.
  • Identify Motorola V635.
  • Set again charset in Motorola phones after changing AT mode.
  • Automatically enable OBEX for Motorola phones.
  • Fix searching of correct Bluetooth channel.
  • Improved SMSD error messages.
  • Fix SMS listing when phone was in text mode (bug #584).
  • Fix compilation when WCONTINUED/WIFCONTINUED is not defined.
  • Fixed listing SMS messages from AT phones in text mode (bug #584).
  • Added smscgi daemon by "Kamanashis Roy Shuva" kamanashisroy@gmail.com.
  • Cache once read messages to avoid reading them again (bug #481).

You can download from usual place: http://cihar.com/gammu/.