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Better access control in Weblate

Upcoming Weblate 2.17 will bring improved access control settings. Previously this could be controlled only by server admins, but now the project visibility and access presets can be configured.

This allows you to better tweak access control for your needs. There is additional choice of making the project public, but restricting translations, what has been requested by several projects.

You can see the possible choices on the UI screenshot:

Weblate overall experience

On Hosted Weblate this feature is currently available only to commercial hosting customers. Projects hosted for free are limited to public visibility only.

stardicter 1.1

Stardicter 1.1, the set of scripts to convert some freely available dictionaries to StarDict format, has been released today. The biggest change is that it will also keep source data together with generated dictionaries. This is good for licensing reasons and will also allow to actually build these as packages within Debian.

Full list of changes:

  • Various cleanups for first stable release.
  • Fixed generating of README for dictionaries.
  • Added support for generating source tarballs.
  • Fixed installation on systems with non utf-8 locale.

As usual, you can install from pip, download source or download generated dictionaries from my website. The package should be soon available in Debian as well.

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W39

Last week was mostly focused on catching up after two weeks of vacation. That involved quite a lot of things in our issue tracker and cleanup of pending things in pull requests.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W36

Last week was heavily focused on our Selenium tests and improving their speed and reliability. This was pretty much achieved and there seem to be no random failures now.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W35

Last week was pretty productive on bug fixing side. These were quite varied from server monitor breakage on non Linux and Windows platforms to minor rendering issues of date selector. Quite interesting new feature is that our SQL parser now better understands to some MariaDB extensions.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W34

Last week was again mostly spent on fixing bugs and going through reports on our error reporting server. This is really valuable tool for finding problems which hit our users, on the other side there is simply too many things there and sometimes it's hard to pinpoint something really important.

Besides that I've also ensured that all our libraries work well with upcoming PHP 7.2 and all are now tested on Travis CI against this version as well.

Handled issues:

New projects on Hosted Weblate

Hosted Weblate provides also free hosting for free software projects. The hosting requests queue has grown too long, so it's time to process it and include new project.

This time, the newly hosted projects include:

If you want to support this effort, please donate to Weblate, especially recurring donations are welcome to make this service alive. You can do them on Liberapay or Bountysource.

Taking over siphashc for Python

Since some time we're using siphash algorithm to speed up looking up strings in Weblate. Even though it is used by Python internally, it's not exposed in the standard library so several third party modules appeared in the PyPI. Out of all these siphashc or rather it's Python 3 fork siphashc3 seemed to perform best, so I've started to use that.

However it turned out that none of them is in active maintenance anymore. The original version lacks Python 3 support, while the siphashc3 uses odd versioning which causes problems to some pip versions.

After trying to get fix into siphashc3 without much of success, I've spoken to original author of siphashc and he has agreed to hand over maintainership to me. So it's new home is at https://github.com/WeblateOrg/siphashc and new release is already available on PyPI.

Note: Originally we were using MD5 in Weblate, but siphash has shown to be faster and fits into 64-bits, what makes it easier to store and index in SQL databases as LONGINT.

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W33

Last week was a bit less intensive on bug fixes, but I've spent quite a lot of time on improving our localized documentation and fixing various errors there. This is really something what should be automatically checked in Weblate in the long term, but right now it results in build failures in Travis.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W32

I've spent last week on DebConf, where main motivation to come was to meet with other phpMyAdmin team members. Besides that we've met with Marc, former phpMyAdmin lead.

On the coding side, it was pretty much just reviewing pull requests and some minor fixes.

Handled issues: