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Two phpMyAdmin projects in GSoC 2008

Well I did not expect that much when MySQL offered us to piggyback on their participation in GSoC 2008, but at the end we have two projects. One is about blobstreaming which I absolutely don't know and is probably some amazing new technology :-). Marc will act as a sponsor on this together with some guys from http://www.blobstreaming.org.

The second project is setup rewrite where I will act as a mentor and Piotr Przybylski will implement it. Hopefully we will bring this to successful end and soon phpMyAdmin will bring you easier way to set up and configure it's options.

Similarity in project names

While looking at poll about Czech open source for first time, I was surprised that two of my projects got in - phpMyAdmin and Wammu. After looking again at that page I noticed there is a typo in phpMyAdmins name, it was written as phpMinAdmin. Then I looked even more carefully and even URL it is pointing to is something different. In this time I realized that it is something completely different with just very similar name. phpMinAdmin is some minimalistic clone of phpMyAdmin, but why they could not choose a bit more different name?

PS: Anyway you can still vote for Wammu in Czech open source :-).

phpMyAdmin is in Summer of Code

Well not directly, but MySQL is and they will also accept our projects. So if you are student interested in getting some money for improving free software, you're welcome to contact us. We have written down our ideas to wiki, but feel free to come with your own thought. But don't forget that deadline is this Monday!

While talking about this improving phpMyAdmin, phpMyAdmin team would also like to take part in Hackontest, so vote and suggest there features for us! If you have no idea for phpMyAdmin, Debian is also taking part there ;-).

Don't be impatient

I handle bug reports and email communication as soon as possible, but it does not mean that it may take month or even more to get reply. I'm not working full time on my free software projects, I do it only in my free time. Besides this I have regular job and I also have a real life with another hobbies.

So if you wrote me something, just try to be patient, sending another emails to urge your issue won't help anybody. I will just have more unread mail to process until I get to real work.

Photo uploader 0.6

Even though I don't feel really good due to personal life, I decided to relelase Photo uploader 0.6. If you don't know this tool yet, it is helper to upload photos (or images) over net. It was created when I became too lazy to upload hundreds of photos to digilab, but generally it can support any service which allows you uploading of whatever using HTML forms.

News in this release:

  • Added support for iTesco.cz.

Nvidia is bad, Intel is good?

Intel is always seen as good guy, who is writing open source drivers, releasing at least some specifications for hardware. Unfortunately it is not always the case. If you want to use their new embedded solution - Menlow CPU and Poulsbo chipset, they provide you lot of crap.

Basically what you get is a zip file containing several Microsoft Word documents, badly formatted text files (end of lines at each 80 chars), PDFs and some zip and tar archives. If you look to one of these archives, you will get binary graphical installer, which will install license, uninstallator and yet another set of tarballs. These tarballs finally contain binary and source packages you need to make graphics work on this platform. Maybe somebody did this to practise various ways of compressing and distributing things, but it is really amazing how many times you need to decompress several archives to actually get to the things you want.

Unfortunately at the end you will find out that libgl1-mesa-dri-psb binary (DRI driver for graphics) has no sources and Intel is not willing to give them to you. Bad luck if you have slightly different distribution than one of these which are supported (FC6, Midinux-build9, ubuntu-gutsy, ubuntu-hardy) and the provided binary simply crashes.

Wammu for Windows is back

This week I finally realized where problem with random crashes in Wammu and python-gammu lies - python-gammu was using two version of C library - mscvrt.dll and mscvr71.dll. First one came from Gammu and second one from Python. Starting with 1.19.0, Gammu is built with mscvr71.dll and random crashes are gone. Any tester did not report problems with Windows binary, so I decided to make it finally an official release.

So after year or more Windows users can finally use up to date Wammu version! Fortunately I can produce this version without even touching Windows. Thanks to tools such as MinGW and Wine, everything from compiling to generating installer can be scripted and done automatically on Linux!

So Windows users can now also download current version from http://wammu.eu/download/, enjoy it.

Gammu stable version 1.19.0

Good news everyone, new stable Gammu release is out. Since 1.18.92 it brings only few small fixes in build system, but there is quite big list of changes compared to 1.18.0:

  • Add option to disable compiled in protection.
  • Fixed detection of PostgreSQL.
  • Improve debug messages when connecting to phone (bug #508).
  • Fixed handling of some charsets in AT engine (bug #525).
  • Identify more Nokia phones (thanks to Iván Gabriel).
  • Fixed regression with DKU2 cables on Windows (bug #533).
  • Better compatibility with iCalendar files (bug #538).
  • Do not link with irprops.lib on Windows.
  • Various MSVC compilation fixes.
  • Improved AT model parsing and added tests.
  • Fixed possible crash in reading SMS from AT phones (bug #515).
  • Proper fall back to automatic model when user enters wrong one.
  • Added identification of several phones.
  • Fixed reading of messages from AT phones without ME memory.
  • Improve charset detection on Motorola phones (bug #522).

You can download from usual place: http://cihar.com/gammu/.

python-gammu 0.25

New version of python-gammu has been just released. It fixes annoying problem with reporting wrong Gammu version and brings compatibility with Gammu 1.19.0. Full list of changes:

  • Compatibility with current gammu.
  • Fixed Gammu version reported by python-gammu.

Download from usual place: http://cihar.com/gammu/python/