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python-gammu 0.12 in Debian testing

Looks like Gammu stuff is getting closer to be in good shape for next stable :-).

Subject: python-gammu 0.12-1 MIGRATED to testing
From: Debian testing watch <noreply@henning.makholm.net>
To: python-gammu@packages.debian.org
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 15:08:26 -0600

FYI: The status of the python-gammu source package
in Debian's testing distribution has changed.

  Previous version: (not in testing)
  Current version:  0.12-1

phpMyAdmin goes Open Document

After many years waiting, RFE #1068007 is done. phpMyAdmin can now export to Open Document Text and Open Document Spreadsheet. Implementation is quite simple, just generate content.xml and feed it into simle functions which puts together zip file containin everything needed.

If you don't use CVS version, you'll have to wait for 2.9.0 release.

New blog

After some time I spent blogging in Czech on abclinuxu.cz, I decided to create own blog. Both blogs will probably coexist as this will be English only.

Keep translating Wammu!

After initial boom, interest in translating Wammu in Lanchpad seems to be decreased. There are three almost complete translations (German, Italian and Korean), but the rest is very behind. Take few minutes and help bringing Wammu into your language!

Wammu 0.13

Wammu 0.13 has been just released. New features:

  • Possibility to export SMS to maildir, mailbox and IMAP account.
  • More user friendly debug logging.
  • Many new translations, thanks to Rosetta.
  • Improved bluetooth lookup - now uses either PyBluez or btctl (part of GNOME Bluetooth).

Ukolovnik 0.3

Ukolovnik 0.3 has been just released. New features:

  • Several bugfixes.
  • Configurable language and style.
  • Improved timestamp display.
  • Icons for some actions for more copact view.
  • Added some statistics.
  • Implemented category deleting.